Our Story

We are the Arts & Culture Council for the City of Mount Vernon. We bring leadership and energy to every part of Mount Vernon's arts scene supporting and connecting it all. It doesn't matter where you fit into the arts - Artist, Audience Member, Participant, Venue, Educator or Supporter - we want you to create and experience the arts in every neighborhood in Mount Vernon.

What drives us? Our impassioned belief in the intrinsic value of the arts and artists, as well as what they can do. Art has a unique ability to blend cultures, inspire positive transformation in indivual lives and entire communities.

MVAC gives grants, presents free and affordable arts events, train artists and arts professionals, teaches students, incubates new artists and cultural groups across our city. We will evaluate and evolve what we do to meet the changing times and keep our commitment to community engagement, diversity and inclusion when it comes to the arts in our city.

Staff Directory


Judy Williams-Davis President/Director

Tammie Phiffer, Secretary


Nora Tyndall,  Treasure


Carol Merchant, Recording Secretary


Darney Gripper, Member at Large

Damon Jones, Member at Large